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Zachary Brown

Inian Islands Institute
Founding Director
Zach Brown grew up surrounded by the wilderness of Southeast Alaska. With parents in the National Park Service, Zach had ample opportunity as a boy to explore the mountains and fjords of this region, experiences that gave him an abiding love of the natural world. He studied chemistry and biology in college, but an opportunity to travel to the high Arctic changed his life. Zach spent a field season in Svalbard, Norway, observing how seabirds respond to global climate change. He returned to pursue a PhD at Stanford, where he continued his study of climate change in the polar regions. During his time at Stanford, Zach was thrilled to undertake multiple research expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic seas.

Completing his studies in spring 2014, Zach set off on a 2,300-mile solo trek, hiking and kayaking from Stanford campus to the Inian Islands, a remote archipelago in Alaska. He now works as founding director of Inian Islands Institute, a nonprofit field school dedicated to education, research, and environmental leadership in Southeast Alaska.

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