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Colin Seale

Founder & CEO
Colin Seale is an educator, attorney, and critical thinking evangelist. With degrees in law, public administration, and computer science, he has always had a passion for equity. His efforts to tackle educational inequity are particularly personal. Tracked early into gifted and talented programs in Brooklyn, Colin was afforded opportunities his neighborhood peers were not. And as a recovering underachiever, he is a living example of what happens when we decide it is not okay to leave genius on the table. In 2015, Colin founded thinkLaw (www.thinklaw.us), an award-winning organization that helps educators leverage inquiry-based instructional strategies to close the critical thinking gap and ensure they teach and REACH all students, regardless of race or what side of the poverty line students were born into. He believes critical thinking skills are imperative to the future of work, where the majority of jobs today’s students will hold haven’t even been thought up yet. When he's not stumping as the world’s most fervent critical thinking advocate, Colin plays the role of world’s greatest entertainer to his two young children and loving husband to his wife Carrie.