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Chip Kimball

Singapore American School
Past Superintendent

Dr. Chip Kimball is a progressive, experienced leader with a track record of excellence at the school, district, state, national, and international levels. He has led public and private systems, both large and small, with a future orientation and a commitment to improvement, effective change, and results.  

Best known as an innovator and systems thinker, Chip is an expert in defining a vision, strategic planning, cultivating leaders, building teams, and developing effective strategies for exceptional performance. He has broad experience and knowledge, with expertise in business and strategy as well as instruction and learning theory, and he works as effectively with business leaders and government officials as with education leaders, teachers, parents, and students. He is a sought-after consultant and keynote speaker on school improvement, innovation, governance, leadership, and the effective use of technology.

Chip started innovating very early in his professional career. As a young science teacher, he looked for ways to engage students in meaningful learning, driven by his own negative experience as a student. As a self-taught technologist, he was an early adopter of learning technologies, leading him to become one of the first chief technology officers in US education and one of two US superintendents in 2007 who had come from a CTO background. At the heart of Chip’s professional work is his desire to create school systems that support each student's reaching their full potential, regardless of background or obstacles they may face.

In 2012 Chip was asked to serve as the superintendent of the Singapore American School. He was particularly drawn to this opportunity to better understand education in the international context, as he was worried about US students' ability to compete in the global economy. While in Singapore, he was able to lead some of the most ambitious and challenging reform work of his career, moving a historically parochial school to become one of the most progressive, innovative schools in the world.