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Cindy Goldrich

PTS Coaching: ADHD Education and Support
ADHD/Executive Function Coach
Boulder, Colorado
Cindy Goldrich, EdM, ADHD-CCSP, is a mental health counselor, certified ADHD clinical service provider, and teacher trainer. As an ADHD specialist, she supports parents, educators, and other professionals to address the impact of ADHD and executive functioning on learning, motivation, and behavior.
Cindy received her master's in education in counseling psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and her ADHD coach certification from the Institute for Certified ADHD Professionals. She has trained with Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. Ross Greene. Cindy is a sought-after speaker and provides professional development for school districts and other professional organizations worldwide, addressing how ADHD and executive function challenges affect children and how to help boost behavior and performance in school and at home. She is known to be a passionate and engaging speaker.
Cindy is the author of 8 Keys for Parenting Children with ADHD, a book recognized for providing parents, educators, and therapists with a practical, easy-to-read guide for addressing challenging kids, and ADHD, Executive Function, and Behavior in the Classroom (expected printing Aug. 2019). Cindy is the creator of the workshop series “Calm and Connected: Parenting Children with ADHD©,” designed to teach parents and caregivers how to manage and support their children's unique needs successfully.