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Elizabeth Jones

Institute for Educational Advancement
Ms. Jones has been an educator, researcher, and administrator of educational programs for over 30 years. She holds a master’s degree in special education from the University of Southern California and has completed doctoral work in the field of educational policy and learning theory. Ms. Jones served as the associate director of Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and the director of the Western Region for ten years prior to founding the Institute for Educational Advancement in 1998. While at CTY, Elizabeth served as co-principal investigator with Dr. Sally Ride and Dr. JoBea Way for a NASA and National Science Foundation–sponsored educational initiative called KidSat. She received recognition from the National Diffusion Network for the creation and implementation of exemplary programs for underserved gifted students and specialized in the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of students. She created and implemented the Sarah D. Barder (SDB) teacher recognition program and expanded the scope of services at CTY. As president of IEA she was contracted to assist in the creation and implementation of the Davidson Young Scholars program. She went on to lead in the creation and implementation of the award-winning Yunasa summer camp for the gifted and the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship program.

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