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Wednesday, October 16


Thursday, October 17


Using Competency-Based Learning in the Humanities: Activism, Art, and the AIDS Crisis Nueva Bay Meadows CampusAlegria Barclay • Allen Frost Collaborative Assessment Modalities, Trans-Disciplinary Student Portfolios Nueva Bay Meadows CampusTed Theodosopoulos Giving Feedback on Student Work for a Growth Mindset TBALissie McAlvey Interdisciplinary Possibilities with K-12 Computer Science Nueva Hillsborough CampusMichael Olaya • Lora Saarnio Beautiful Questions in the Classroom Nueva Bay Meadows CampusWarren Berger Creating Positive Classroom Culture through Effective Classroom Management Nueva Hillsborough CampusDamon Allswang Documentation and Learning Nueva Hillsborough CampusSaraleah Fordyce • Carolee Fucigna Nueva Math and Science Building Blocks: Deconstructing the Standards for a Flexible Curriculum Nueva Bay Meadows CampusDanielle McReynolds-Dell • Lelia Youn The Monomyth Module: Developing a Theme-based Integrated and Interdisciplinary Year-long Curriculum Nueva Hillsborough CampusSarah Merkt • Lori Mustille A Third Grade Interactive Spelling Lesson with Structured Word Inquiry Nueva Hillsborough CampusRebecca Loveless • Erin Metcalf Crafting a Structured Word Inquiry Lesson Nueva Hillsborough CampusRebecca Loveless The Question Formulation Technique: A Structured Approach to Using Students' Questions to Guide Your Teaching Nueva Hillsborough CampusSam Modest Designing Monstrosity: Utilizing Design Thinking in the English Classroom Nueva Bay Meadows CampusAlexa Hart • Jen Neubauer Beyond Brain Breaks-- Activating Learning through Movement Nueva Hillsborough CampusZubin Mobedshahi Studying a Word: Young Students and Structured Word Inquiry Nueva Hillsborough CampusDiana Friedman • Carolee Fucigna • Rebecca Loveless International Cultural Exchange: Making Virtual a Reality Nueva Bay Meadows CampusJennifer Perry • Brooke Tucker Creating UDL Classroom Environments that Optimize Learning for All Students Nueva Bay Meadows CampusEricka Fur Anatomy of an Innovation Lesson Nueva Hillsborough CampusPamela Briskman Moving Maths Nueva Bay Meadows CampusBen Sparks Creative First Steps Into Hands-On Number Theory for the Elementary Grades 1-5 – A Pythagorean Approach  Nueva Hillsborough CampusPeter Koehler Fostering Mathematical Communication in an Advanced Math Class Nueva Bay Meadows CampusJana Comstock Mathematical Provocations and Differentiating Math Instruction Nueva Hillsborough CampusKatie Kelly • Lora Saarnio Teaching Through Problem Solving: Three-Part Series of Live Demonstration Lessons for Deriving the Formula for Finding the Area of Quadrilaterals (PART 1) Nueva Bay Meadows CampusAkihiko Takahashi Three Proofs Every Student Should See Nueva Bay Meadows CampusJana Comstock Social Justice and Mathematics: One Road Map to Creating a Class Nueva Bay Meadows CampusVeena Krishnan • Danielle McReynolds-Dell A Visual Hands-on Approach to Building Perfect Numbers: A Perfect Theme for Gifted Students in the Elementary Grades 2-5 Nueva Hillsborough CampusPeter Koehler Growth Mindset and Student Empowerment via Flexible Groupings in the Math Classroom TBALissie McAlvey Implications of Changing Understandings of ADHD for Educators Nueva Hillsborough CampusThomas E. Brown How to Teach Science in the 21st Century? Trust the Students to Figure It Out! Nueva Bay Meadows CampusMichaela Danek The Holy Grail of Science Research: A Self-Propagating and Student-Led Novel Science Research Program Nueva Bay Meadows CampusLuke De
Friday, October 18