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Thursday, October 17


Collaborative Assessment Modalities, Trans-Disciplinary Student Portfolios
We will jointly explore a new model of collaborative assessment that we piloted as part of an innovative transdisciplinary elective on computational biology last spring at Nueva. This course was based on asynchronous, modular work that guided the students to curate individual portfolios. The participants in our session will be immersed in the process we followed, using small-group facilitated conversations about anonymized pieces of student work in different modalities to articulate what they see. This will follow a short presentation of our outcomes rubric. My hope is to inspire others to try similar student-centered, collaborative modalities of assessment, and to receive feedback on our process.

Wednesday & Thursday Slate
avatar for Ted Theodosopoulos

Ted Theodosopoulos

Upper School Math Teacher, The Nueva School
Ted is thrilled to have moved across the country with his family to join Nueva’s upper school math faculty, bringing his diverse teaching career at all levels in academics. Most recently Ted was the mathematics department chair at Worcester Academy in Worcester, MA, and before that... Read More →

Thursday October 17, 2019 TBA
Nueva Bay Meadows Campus 131 E. 28th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403


How to Teach Science in the 21st Century? Trust the Students to Figure It Out!
The question has been raised over and over: what is the best way to teach science? Everyone seems to have an opinion about how educators are doing it wrong, but — with information abundance and everything being searchable — how does one actually prepare students to be successful scientists in the 21st century? And what are the operationalized characteristics of a learning environment that fosters wonder and curiosity, alongside resilience and resourcefulness? In our chemistry and biology classes at Nueva, centering student questions and their ability to solve problems through inquiry-based learning has yielded great success, and I would love to share our work with you! Come to the session ready to learn about our best practices, get tools and materials you can adapt for your classroom, and bring your questions to the group for an interactive session about student-centered science education. I’ll bring my questions too! 

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Michaela Danek

Upper School Science Teacher, The Nueva School
Originally drawn to teaching through neuroscience, Michaela began her teaching career at Fenway High School fresh out of a teacher education master’s program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Working with a variety of different learners, from the regular-education classroom... Read More →

Thursday October 17, 2019 TBA
Nueva Bay Meadows Campus 131 E. 28th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403


The Holy Grail of Science Research: A Self-Propagating and Student-Led Novel Science Research Program
Inspired by design, we reverse-engineered a teaching structure that achieved these goals.

• Students teach and train other students.
• The problems are real.
• Students create their own projects.
• Student lead & direct the research.
• Authentic skills. (communication, lab, scientific journal dissection)
• Students iterate and troubleshoot their work.
• Students can choose their level of involvement (15 min/week to 5 hrs/week)

Imagine a program that achieved these goals. What would it look like? Rather than creating a science research class, this program would generate a science research culture. Rather than being recruited by teachers, kids would be drawn to it. It would exist inside the curriculum, before school, during lunch, and after school; students could access it at any time. Busy students could get involved without taking a class or getting any homework. Most importantly, it could be run with minimal faculty oversight. Join me as I present a multitiered approach to getting students to do novel, publishable research.

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Luke De

Upper School Science Teacher, The Nueva School
Luke De became an upper school science teacher at Nueva after working at the Pingry School (K–12) in New Jersey. In addition to developing and teaching several biology courses, Luke led the effort to design and implement a high school science research program in which students engage... Read More →

Thursday October 17, 2019 TBA
Nueva Bay Meadows Campus 131 E. 28th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403
Friday, October 18


What Does it Take to Succeed in Science and Math? An Equity-Focused Approach to Advanced Study
Across the US, different communities of students receive different messages about what success means. In underserved communities, the message is often about the basics: get good grades and pass your tests. Meanwhile, more privileged students are told about extracurricular programs, independent research projects, internships, and self-study. The result is that when they get to college, students might be in the same classroom, but they have radically different preparation for STEM work. Few underserved students receive the kind of education that prepares them to break barriers as scientists or for careers at top tech firms. This talk will look at trends in data surrounding student achievement. We want to better understand the academic ecosystem in which students find themselves and will consider approaches to addressing the disparities. Participants will better understand their role in preparing students for STEM careers and what it means to be STEM College Ready. The content is especially relevant for teachers, program leaders, college advisors, and funders or policy makers. Participants should also be ready to see a little bit of math, although solving problems is not required!

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avatar for Daniel Zaharopol

Daniel Zaharopol

Executive Director, The Art of Problem Solving Initiative, Inc.
Daniel Zaharopol is the executive director of the Art of Problem Solving Initiative, Inc., where he founded and runs Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM). BEAM creates pathways for students from low-income and historically marginalized communities to become mathematicians... Read More →

Friday October 18, 2019 2:55pm - 3:55pm
Nueva Bay Meadows Campus 131 E. 28th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403