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Michaela Danek

The Nueva School
Upper School Science Teacher
Originally drawn to teaching through neuroscience, Michaela began her teaching career at Fenway High School fresh out of a teacher education master’s program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Working with a variety of different learners, from the regular-education classroom to supporting students with IEPs to working with English-language-learner students at a newcomer school, Michaela has always been interested in the neurodiversity of learners and in working to create a learning space where all types of learners can thrive. Teaching science at Nueva offers the opportunity to work with a variety of different gifted learners, including those that are twice exceptional. In the years that she has taught chemistry and biology, Michaela has had the opportunity to develop and iterate on inquiry-based science teaching that fosters the development of scientific thinking and creativity.  Michaela is always interested in learning about how to make her pedagogical practice more inclusive to all students, so please don’t hesitate to start a conversation!