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Gary Kaplan

The Nueva School
Middle School Humanities Teacher
Gary Kaplan came to Nueva after many years practicing law. As a life-long athlete, Gary has channeled his athletic interests into coaching young athletes, where he focuses not only on athleticism and skill development, but also on confidence-building and having a personal “presence.” He transitioned to teaching several years ago, and is currently a sixth-grade humanities teacher at Nueva, where he places emphasis on the growth of our country through his year-long U.S. history curriculum, a project-based study that incorporates intense research and writing, individual and group projects, and helping students find their “voices” in the classroom. He believes that each student can and should be heard, and he employs multiple techniques to facilitate this process. Gary also is coaching several sports at Nueva in addition to his teaching duties, and he has continued to help young people with his public speaking, coaching and mentoring of life skills with One Step Up Mentoring. His other interests include traveling with his wife, having long walks on the world’s beaches, reading, collecting historical nonfiction books, and writing. He is currently working on his second novel, following the publication of his first, Gettysburg: The Story of Four Kids Whose Lives Were Changed by War. 

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