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Angi Chau

The Nueva School
I-Lab Director, PreK-12
Angi is Nueva’s I-Lab (Innovation Lab) director across both campuses and all three divisions. Originally from Hong Kong, Angi immigrated to the States as a sixth grader. After receiving her BS in electrical engineering from Rice University, she worked for a few years as a software consultant before heading to Stanford University to complete an MS in electrical engineering. At Stanford, she became deeply fascinated by research questions in biology, leading her to pursue a PhD in bioengineering at UCSF/UC Berkeley, with a focus on computational biology and stochastic modeling. While she has experience teaching at the college level, Angi is grateful to have landed in K–12 education, where she has been working for the last seven years, most recently at Nueva. She is passionate about designing experiences that allow students to be both the hero and author of their own learning journeys. Her areas of professional interests include design thinking, maker education, and creative coding. In addition to working with students, she facilitates workshops to help educators incorporate more hands-on projects into their practices, organizes monthly meet-ups for maker educators in the Bay Area, serves on the advisory board for Agency by Design Oakland, and is generally excited to be a brainstorming and co-design partner with anyone on nearly any problem, because she believes everything is interesting when you dive deep enough.