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Friday, October 18




Empowering Learners to Solve Problems in Their Communities Using AI-Technologies Nueva Bay Meadows CampusTara Chklovski "Thinking Like a Lawyer": Practical Strategies to Close the Critical Thinking Gap Nueva Bay Meadows CampusColin Seale Understanding Learner Variability and How to Support It Nueva Bay Meadows CampusVic Vuchic Environmental Citizenship as a Curricular Pillar – Overview of Frameworks and Practices Nueva Bay Meadows CampusAron Walker • Tanja Srebotnjak The Gender Creative Child Nueva Bay Meadows CampusDiane Ehrensaft Child Poverty: Next Steps for Research and Policy Nueva Bay Meadows CampusGreg Duncan Intelligence, Personality, and Privilege: Implications of the Research for Innovative Learning Nueva Bay Meadows CampusBarbara A. Kerr Flexible Scheduling Panel: Blocks and Other Alternatives Nueva Bay Meadows CampusDenise Pope • Jonathan Howland • Roxanne S. Higgins Building the School of the Future Nueva Bay Meadows CampusSaba Ghole Building More Equitable Mathematics Instruction by Teaching Through Problem-solving Nueva Bay Meadows CampusAkihiko Takahashi • Shelley Friedkin • Catherine Lewis Addressing the Link Between Learning Differences and Anxiety and Depression: A Panel Discussion Nueva Bay Meadows CampusFumiko Hoeft • Rosalie Whitlock • Cindy Goldrich • Suzanne Crandall • Marcus Soutra Rethinking Boyhood: From Research to the Classroom Nueva Bay Meadows CampusMichael C. Reichert Creating Cultures of Dignity Nueva Bay Meadows CampusRosalind Wiseman E = MC2: Science and Practice of Mindfulness, Compassion and Communication Nueva Bay Meadows CampusPhilippe Goldin





Experience on Demand: How VR Can (and Cannot) Transform Learning Nueva Bay Meadows CampusJeremy Bailenson Teaching Reading Comprehension Nueva Bay Meadows CampusDaniel Willinghman Inventing the Future Nueva Bay Meadows CampusLisa Solomon Teaching Climate Change for Awareness, Ardency, and Action Nueva Bay Meadows CampusZachary Brown FOOD REVOLUTION - The Intersection of Unapologetic Deliciousness, Human Health, and Health of the Environment  Nueva Bay Meadows CampusChristopher Gardner Leveraging Hope to Increase Student Achievement  Nueva Bay Meadows CampusDante D. Dixson What Does it Take to Succeed in Science and Math? An Equity-Focused Approach to Advanced Study Nueva Bay Meadows CampusDaniel Zaharopol Talent Development: The Gateway to Outstanding Performance Nueva Bay Meadows CampusFrank C. Worrell Advocacy & Attitudes Toward Gifted Education Nueva Bay Meadows CampusElizabeth Jones Educational Changemakers Panel Nueva Bay Meadows CampusChip Kimball • Beth Sutkus Thompson • Erik Burmeister • Jennifer DiBrienza Three Uncommon Messages About Mathematics That Every Student Should Know Nueva Bay Meadows CampusDan Meyer From Early Identification to Prevention, and Promoting Resilience and Compensatory Skills in Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties Nueva Bay Meadows CampusFumiko Hoeft One Love; Giving Communities the Tools to Love Better Nueva Bay Meadows CampusMegan Gray • Megan Shackleton Add a Little Happiness: 10 Research-Based Strategies to Increase Happiness in Ourselves and Our Children Nueva Bay Meadows CampusMelissa Beressi