Wednesday, October 16

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Thursday, October 17

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A New Approach to Humanities in the Lower and Middle Schools, Part 1: Theme & Variations, Room A-122 Nueva Hillsborough CampusMatt Berman Collaborative Assessment Modalities, Trans-Disciplinary Student Portfolios, Room 217 Nueva San Mateo CampusSamantha Huff • Ted Theodosopoulos Studying a Word: Young Students and Structured Word Inquiry, Room A-117 Nueva Hillsborough CampusDiana Friedman • Carolee Fucigna • Rebecca Loveless The Question Formulation Technique: A Structured Approach to Using Students' Questions to Guide Your Teaching, Room A-206 Nueva Hillsborough CampusSam Modest Designing Monstrosity: Utilizing Design Thinking in the English Classroom, Room 1204 Nueva San Mateo CampusAlexa Hart • Jen Neubauer Overview of Design Thinking at Nueva, Room 1105 Nueva San Mateo CampusAngi Chau • John Feland Picture a Thousand Words, Ballroom Nueva Hillsborough CampusBruce Van Patter Wonder and Awe: How Biophilic Design and Nature-Based Instruction Impact the Student Experience, Room 112 Nueva San Mateo CampusJohn Diffenderfer • Hillary Freeman • Anna Harrison • Vincent P. Lattanzio Three Proofs Every Student Should See, Room 316 Nueva San Mateo CampusJana Comstock Teaching Through Problem Solving: Three-Part Series of Live Demonstration Lessons for Deriving the Formula for Finding the Area of Quadrilaterals (PART 1), Room J-208 Nueva Hillsborough CampusAkihiko Takahashi Teach a Mindful Moment: 10 Simple Ways to Bring Mindfulness into the Classroom, Library Nueva Hillsborough CampusMelissa Beressi

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Friday, October 18

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